A little about the summit

this summit was designed to bring a group of journalists, educators, students and advertisers in the hope that we can answer fundamental questions related to the future of news. To that end, we have invited people to share their opinions, hopes and fears about their chosen industry.

The summit began with a keynote speech via Jeff Jarvis, the author of What Would Google Do?

There are four sessions related to the future of journalism that will be blogged about today. Excuse the typos, some people talk fast!

Session A) Let’s Do Business: is there a viable business model for online news?

Session B) Yesterday’s News Tomorrow’s Headlnes: How do we reinvent journalism to ensure its survival?

Session C) The New Journalism Toolbox: How has technology changed the role of the journalist?

Session D) Ethics in Real Time: Is online journalism a threat or boon for political organization?

Stay tuned as our crack team live bloggers distill the ideas and opinions heard during the summit and chime in if you have something to say.


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