How do we treat the people in the news?

Bringing up Stafford case.
Newland reminds us that Tara McDonald was providing own updates via facebook. It’s about how their emerging in the public sphere.

Evans – does anyone who posts anything in Facebook step outside the private sphere?

Ingram -(the Globe) pulled photos from the accused’s facebook site.

Fairhurst brings us back to the photo of Jordan Manners’ mother collapsing in front of the school. As soon as she walks outside, she’s fodder for the camera.

Accused in Stafford case has public profile (if in London network)

Eg. Photo of Rhianna beat up by Chris Brown generated a lot of negative feedback – editor posted on twitter “does this cross the boundary?”

Evans – it’s okay for us to say we have a standard for our own behaviour

Ingram – the community needs to be the one to say what’s ethical and what isn’t. Going back and forth on what to do with comments: am I a gatekeeper or am I generating an important discussion?

Newland brings up – an open discussion for Canadian politics? No. Progressive discussion. Not what he looks for in a comment section.


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