People like to see things on fire

CityTV person – potholes and ambulance chasing is the structure of local TV news.

“People like to see things on fire,” says Ingram.

“Flaming potholes,” suggests somebody else.

“The online news element becomes an afterthought. Reporters want to talk about more.”

“That’s the opportunity of the internet,” says Ingram, suggesting the currently less profitable web portion which could piggyback onthe currently more profitable mainstream media like papers, radio and TV.

The question the lingers about how soon to move on internet. Wait until it’s more profitable?

Now is the time to do it, says Ingram, when economic circumstances are killing mainsream media.

“They’re reallyholding our feet to the fire now. Now is the time to do it.”

TV reporters don’t have time to write blogs, says a television producer.They spend most of their time riding around in cars to get 30 seconds of footage.

“But why do you need 10 people to go cover a story,” says a CP staffer, pointing out that her company is the largest online news provider. The economic downturn is the best thing that has happened to news media.


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