Strengths of social media tools and blogging con’t

Blogger should be viewed in the same light as the chatter in the coffeeshop

Evans – at least in the coffeeshop, the chatter is contained. If it’s so accessible as at canoe, it’s impossible to escape.

Newland – perception of validity. It will become clear that you can’t take chatroom gossip as Gospel.
Wikipedia is always brought up as a dubious source.

Norris McDonald- we don’t have any commenting on any crime stories. Ingram agrees “We just can’t take the risk”

Nick Pron points out that Globe only wants the “nice” comments.
“Aren’t you afraid you’re going to lose your standards?”

Newland – the moderator’s voice can clearly be heard

Ingram – our biggest problem is that our writers and editors don’t take part in the online discussions. Newland points out that this is exactly what Peter Gzowski did.

Ingram currently trying to write a code of conduct for all G&M journalists. Typically tell you what not to do, not good at telling you what to do.

Evans – divide between journalists who blog and straight-up bloggers/opinionists.
Ingram and Newland say that dividing line is imaginary eg. Jan Wong story that Globe was sued over: a news story but clearly written as a column.

New social media tools largely self-moderating.


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